Meet Candy Johnson

Hi, I’m Candy Johnson and I have been a loan consultant since 1996. My lending career started as a direct lender for Norwest Bank. After a year of training, I went to work as an in-house lender for one of the Nation’s largest Real Estate companies. As I grew my expertise and reputation, Realtors from other companies wanted to use my services for their clients, so I became an independent mortgage broker for the next decade. During that time, I took about six months to work as a builder’s lender so I could understand new build and construction loans. The industry was changing and I wanted to change with it. So in 2009, after considerable research, I joined Skyline Home Loans as a direct lender to ensure that I was providing my clients with a very reputable, progressive, successful company and Skyline continues to be just that!

My goal has always been to provide the best service and expertise for my clients. I continue to renew my California BRE Broker’s license for the knowledge, but could own my own Real Estate company if I wanted to. I graduated with honors from Pepperdine University in their Bachelor’s of Science in Management degree. In my prior career, I was a Contracts Negotiation Specialist for classified projects at one of the top three aerospace companies. Lending was an easy transition as I now put together people proposals instead of aerospace-related proposals to obtaining financing for my clients. In my opinion, education and experience are key!

Over the years, I have helped hundreds of individuals and families get into the home of their dreams. I do all types of loans against real property, such as FHA, VA, conventional, whether it is for a purchase or refinance (rate and term or cash out); piggy back 1st and 2nd to avoid MI; builder loans; reverse mortgages; etc.

I am a people-person and I love to please, so this is truly my ideal job. I make people happy by getting them a great loan. The process has become more stringent due to Government guidelines but I am always available for my clients. When you work with me, you don’t get pushed off to work with an associate; I am involved with my loans from start to finish. My goal is to make your homeownership dreams come true which gives me satisfaction!

I reside in San Diego which is irrelevant since I lend all over California. I have a wonderful repeat client base and truly enjoy my clients who have become my friends over the years. My clients are all over from Napa Valley to San Diego, the coast to the Nevada and Arizona border towns.

When I’m not helping people get their home loans, I enjoy being with friends and family. My favorite activities include gardening, cooking, hiking, sailing, dancing, watching good movies, or reading a good book.

Communication is the key to a good working relationship. I pride myself on being accessible 24/7. I have built my reputation on quick, timely responses to each and every client’s needs and concerns. My phone and email are always at hand.

The four things you can count on me for are Integrity, Commitment, Passion, and Accountability! Trust that I am 100% committed to total client satisfaction.

Please give me a call or shoot me a text or an email when you are ready to move forward on your lending experience.